Yesterday, the Las Vegas Raiders Report published a story by our own Scott Winter stating that sources had confirmed Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch had missed a scheduled meeting with new coach Jon Gruden.

Despite relying on multiple sources for this information, the veracity of the claim could not be verified after further editorial review. The story has been removed from our site and we apologize to the parties involved for the error, including Mr. Lynch.

As a website that includes a staff complete with former daily newspaper journalists, wire reporters, and others, we take very seriously our mission to report timely and accurate information for our readers. Clearly, in this case, we missed the mark.

As such, we have reviewed our editorial process and have made immediate changes to ensure we limit the opportunity for this to happen in the future. We have worked hard in the year since we launched the site to earn our readers trust and loyalty. We also want to apologize to you for this error.

Mr. Winter also issued his own public statement which you can see below:

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2 Responses

  1. Jerry l Teach

    How cowardly, they threaten a lawsuit and you apologize and print a retraction. Lynch never made that meeting. If I was Winters I would quit tommorow. The press has to have backbone. By bowing to pressure you fail to be true news outlet and Just another web rag.

    • Scott Gulbransen

      No Jerry…there was no lawsuit threatened and after more editorial scrutiny, parts of the story could not be verified for now. Ethical journalism means sticking to a story where you have verifiable information that can withstand the scrutiny. For now, this could not as determined by our editorial staff and the writer himself.