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PHOTOS/VIDEO: Raiders Stadium Construction Begins

PHOTOS/VIDEO: Raiders Stadium Construction Begins

After last week’s Stadium Authority meeting, more activity on the site of the Raiders new stadium is underway.

A few weeks ago we showed you the equipment used for extracting soil samples for land surveying purposes. This week, the actual construction equipment arrived to prepare the land for tedious blasting of caliche out of the Raiders stadium site.

Caliche is a mineral deposit of gravel, sand, and nitrates found in dry areas and virtually impossible to dig through, thus the use of blasting agents to get through it. It’s a special problem in Southern Nevada as our very dry soil gets little rain (only 4 inches a year), and when it does raid, the water goes very shallow below the topsoil creating this hard layer of caliche.

There are several projects that must occur before structure construction begins. That includes the rerouting of a storm culvert, and other natural barrier removal.

These images are shot from the North end of the property between Russell Road and Hacienda Road where the Las Vegas Raiders stadium will be constructed.

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