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Raiders PSLs Selling Fast in Vegas

Raiders PSLs Selling Fast in Vegas

The prices are high for the average fan, but the Oakland Raiders sale of Personal Seat Licenses – PSLs – in the swanky Club Level of their new stadium is red hot.

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The Oakland Raiders have sold more than 2,000 Club Level PSLs (Personal Seat Licenses) since they went on sale in March in the first phase of sales in Las Vegas.

Fans who want to buy season tickets for the Raiders’ state-of-the-art 65,000-seat, $1.8 billion domed stadium, must first pay the PSL fee. Then, each year, they still have to pay for their tickets, as well. Costs of PSLs for the rest of the stadium, including end zones and upper deck, will be revealed in the months to come.

The posh VVIP Club section, where the PSL cost is a whopping $75,000 a pop, has already sold out on the home side of the field. To put this into context: only 5,000 current season ticket holders (from Oakland), in this first phase, are being allowed to purchase these seat licences. The first phase ends April 25. After that, the second phase of Club Level sales will open up to 33,000 PSL deposit holders from the Las Vegas and Los Angeles areas.

Las Vegas Stadium

A view of the Club from the Club level seating can be seen in this image.

As we reported a few weeks ago in an exclusive here Las Vegas Raiders Report, there are a number of reasons why these seats are selling fast. Club Level seat holders get perks like guaranteed parking, access to the club bar two hours before kickoff (and 30 minutes after a game), and the ability to purchase additional tickets for other events.

For PSLs between $20,000 and $35,000 on the Club Level, ticket owners will get the ability to purchase tickets to all events except the Super Bowl, Final Four or the BCS national championship football game. Those select few will also get access to the huge club bar above the lower bowl on each side of the stadium. Ticket holders in these areas also get to purchase gourmet and premium drinks. If you have the means to purchase VVIP PSLs, you can buy all non-Raiders event tickets, including the Super Bowl, on site parking and free food and drink from the club bar on the field level. This exclusiveness is a key reason why these have already sold out on the Raiders side.

Parking Issue Solved?

According to the sales team selling the PSLs, they feel “comfortable” telling potential club ticket holders that “they have secured 13,000 parking spots on the Bali Hai Golf Club property.”

Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Parking

The Raiders will have 2,500 spaces on site and transportation hubs to make getting to the game easy.

The sales person’s assertion has not been verified by team officials.

If this does come to fruition, it should put to rest concerns about the parking situation, For now, we were told they can only guarantee parking or tailgating for Club ticket holders. Given the number of spots available, there will probably be some left for the reserve ticket customers as well, but probably not enough for everyone.

Apparently the “If you build it, they will come” mantra is holding true, especially among current Raiders season-ticket holders. While fans in Oakland are understandably disappointed their beloved Raiders are leaving for Las Vegas, season-ticket holders seem to be ready and excited to follow their team  in its new home.

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