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Podcast #53: Oakland’s Tinfoil Hat King at it Again, Raiders Traditions, and More


Podcast #53: Oakland’s Tinfoil Hat King at it Again, Raiders Traditions, and More

As we count the days down to the start of Oakland Raiders training camp, we’ll talk about how some of the loons in Oakland are making things up again in regards to the stadium here in Las Vegas.

It’s understandable for fans there are upset about the team leaving. despite that, there are charlatans and the mentally ill who are on the brink of being cult-like. They use funny math, lies, and deception to keep an audience. The facts are not something they like to deal with and we break it down.

We’ll then talk Raiders game day traditions and how they may evolve in Las Vegas. Will the Black Hole come to Vegas? What other traditions will follow the team and what new traditions will find their roots in Las Vegas. Our publisher Scott Gulbransen wants to start something called “The March.” Listen to his idea and tell us what you think.

Then, we ask: what will the new stadium’s (and the Raiders) new signature food be? We took a poll on Twitter and you told us what you believe! It’s a night of fan talk here on Silver and Black Today.

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