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Why Villapiano Was Right: Cooper Is a Punk

Why Villapiano Was Right: Cooper Is a Punk

On the heels of his widely reported interview on our Sunday CBS Sports Radio 1140-AM show in Las Vegas, Raiders legend Phil Villapiano made valid and biting points against the Raiders former top wideout Amari Cooper

It’s not often I find myself agreeing with the opinion of 69-year old white dudes. But Phil Villapiano isn’t your average suburban senior citizen. Villapiano is one of the Raider greats you wish could be in your ear all day making the day go faster by telling the unfiltered truth. The words “politically correct” are not in Mr. Villapiano’s vocabulary but terms like “punk” and “sissy” are.

And you know what, good on him Y’all.

Villapiano earned the right to say what he did in the radio interview of Silver and Black Today last weekend. Here’s a guy with not only a ring, but four Pro Bowls and all the credentials you need to get the call from Canton. Of course, because he played for Al Davis in the 1970s, he awaits his time in football Purgatory along with Cliff Branch, Tom Flores, and Jim Plunkett. That, of course, is a different argument for a different piece.

I liked (and still do) Amari Cooper. It wasn’t working in Oakland so the best thing for both sides was a divorce. And as the child of a divorce myself (my parents split up when I was 11), they either go smoothly or they’re ugly. While the divorce between Cooper and the Raiders wasn’t ugly as it could have been, his “read between the lines” statements given in an interview with Yahoo! Sports last week say it all. He wasn’t happy as a Raider and the organization bore all the blame for not using him properly. In other words, my fellow millennial decided to do what we do best these days: blame everyone but himself.

I wanted (Cooper) off the team last year. He couldn’t catch the ball on third down. I thought it was a great move when Gruden got rid of him this year because he didn’t perform for the Raiders. – Phil Villapiano on Silver and Black Today, CBS Sports Radio 1140-AM, 12/2/18

This is why Cooper is a punk and Villapiano preached the truth. I can’t understand why today’s NFL players (okay, not all but many) have to always make a scene, create drama, and assign responsibility to others without looking in the mirror. Whether it’s running for a touchdown or torching your former team in the media, it’s time for people like Cooper to shut up and just play ball. It’s time to shut up and convert on third down. It’s time to shut up and show your team you give a damn.

Much like Richard Sherman’s comments in his return to Seattle last weekend, Cooper too made himself look like a small man. He’s doing well in Dallas so why not focus on the positive and shut that Crimson Tide hole of his? He couldn’t resist now, could he? He’s repped by the same agent as Khalil Mack which explains a lot. Cooper might be quiet and not say a lot, but he wasn’t a positive influence or element in the Raiders locker room this year or last. He’s showing exactly why Jon Gruden pulled the trigger and sent the talented but undisciplined player to Jerry World. Gruden isn’t down for that BS.

I saw several comments on Twitter, and other online spots occupied by today’s keyboard tough guys, telling the “old man” to shut up. I’d love to see anyone 18 or over to say that to Phil’s face. He’d wreck you even at 69 years of age. Foo is Raiders royalty and when he speaks on a subject, it matters. It matters and I’ve yet to hear him be wrong over the years.

“If I was still playing and we were playing Dallas next year, that guy would have a problem coming over the middle. He couldn’t,” Food said on our show Sunday. “Jack Tatum, myself and George Atkinson would annihilate the guy, talking like that. He’s getting into the Lynn Swann-like type (of) personality.”

Yes, he even got a shot in on the Steelers. Poetic.

I don’t wish Cooper any ill will. I hope he succeeds in Dallas. He seems like a good dude otherwise.

In addition to working harder to become a better – and more consistent – receiver, he should also work on showing a bit more maturity.

And if you’re offended by Villapiano’s comments, to quote Phil:

“Get outta here with that.”

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